Los Angeles Earthquake Outlook – Fall 2018

ing globe 3As I was looking through my twitter feed today, I saw a tweet from Astrologer Olga Morales, who gave two dates for planetary alignments indicating increased seismicity in California and other places. I thought now would be a good time to look at the Ingress chart for Los Angeles’ longitude/latitude.

The most notable aspect of the Ingress chart is Saturn conjunct the MC. Saturn is opposite LA’s Mars and square its Mercury, which does not bode well for land. I was curious whether this aspect setup was similar to prior Ingress charts for major earthquakes. After creating Ingress charts for LA’s major earthquakes, I found four charts containing planets conjunct the MC/IC axis. The four Ingress charts below correspond to the following earthquakes affecting the Los Angeles area: Whittier Narrows-October 4, 1987; Upland-February 28, 1990; Sierra Madre-June 28, 1992; and Northridge-January 17, 1994.
Fall Ingress 1987 1987 Fall Ingress
1992 Summer Ingress 1992 Summer Ingress
Winter Ingress 1989-1990 1989-1990 Winter Ingress
1993-1994 Winter Ingress 1993-1994 Winter Ingress

Neptune is close to the MC/AC axis in 3 of the charts. There is a Saturn, Uranus, Neptune trio in 3 charts as well. Uranus and Neptune conjunct the MC/IC axis alone in one chart. Considering these circumstances, I will conclude that any event indicated by the 2018 Fall Ingress chart will not be a major earthquake directly affecting Los Angeles.

Moons: Full -September 25, 1°Libra; New -October 9, 15° Libra; Full – October 24, 1° Scorpio; New – November 7, 15° Scorpio; Full -November 23, 0° Sagittarius; New – December 7, 15° Sagittarius.

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