Asteroid 3753 Cruithne – Does it produce astrological effects?

Orbit diagram from NASA page – link

3753 Cruithne was discovered on October 10, 1986 by J. Duncan Waldron, a Scottish Astronomer. The asteroid is 2.071 kilometers (~1.28 miles) in diameter and orbits the sun in the same amount of time as Earth. Size and proximity matters in Astrology. Does Cruithne’s proximity make its movements astrologically significant despite its size? We can all judge for ourselves by placing its position in charts and analyzing resulting effects, if any.

The ephemeris for Cruithne can be found on Astrodienst’s web site. Click Horoscopes in the left corner of the upper toolbar on the site and select Create an Ephemeris from the drop down menu. Go to Sections and type a year in the box. Go to the box in the lower right corner of Ephemerides for other objects and type 3753. An Ephemeris for the year you selected will appear in another tab.

Cruithne was at 28° Aquarius when I was born. Its placement forms a square to Mars, Grand Cross between Sun/ Venus,/Moon/Pluto, and sextiles to Mercury and Saturn. Offhand, I do not recognize that position as a sensitive point in my natal chart. By that, I mean I have not wondered if some space object was located at that degree to explain phenomena that could not be explained otherwise. Jupiter was conjunct my natal Cruithne last month. During the transit, I spent time with my daughter as it was her birthday. She wanted to ride Go Karts and play mini golf, so that’s what we did. Mentally, I was in good spirits and felt good physically, It is probably not a coincidence that Cruithne is in my 5th house (children, games).

From this recent experience, I would describe Cruithne as having a calming effect on mental processes. I was able to think more clearly than usual and remain uncharacteristically calm. My perception of motives and situations was unusually clear as well. I will continue to track transits to Cruithne’s natal placement and report insights on this blog.

Have you had a recent experience with an aspect to your natal Cruithne’s placement? If so, feel free to leave a comment.

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