California Fire Charts

Ingress charts of fires in California

2018 Fall Ingress Butte County, CA

Camp Fire. Burned November 8, 2018 to November 25, 2018. Link to Wikipedia

Sun conjunct Mercury – orb: +1:40′Sun conjunct DC – orb: -1:45′Sun square MC – orb: +0:56′Sun square Saturn – orb: +2:45′
Mercury opposite AC – orb: -0:04′Saturn square AC – orb: -1:00′Saturn conjunct MC – orb: +1:49′Mercury square MC – orb: -0:44′
Moon trine Venus – orb: -1:07′Sun trine Mars – orb: +3:06′Mars sextile AC- orb: -1:21′Mercury square Saturn – orb: +1:04′
Mars squareUranus – orb: -1:22′Uranus trine MC- orb: +0:47′Mars conjunct South Node – orb: -0:15′Moon sextile Saturn – orb: +4:05′
Moon conjunct Neptune – orb: +7:48′Mercury trine Mars – orb: +1:25′Saturn trine Uranus – orb: -1:01′Venus square Mars – orb: -4:52′
Jupiter sextile Pluto – orb: -1:52′Moon sextileUranus – orb: -5:06′Moon sextile MC – orb: +5:54′Venus opposite Uranus – orb: -6:14′
Uranus square North Node – orb: +1:07′Neptune sextile Pluto – orb: -4:06′Mercury sextile North Node – orb: -1:10′Venus sextile Saturn – orb: -5:13′
Jupiter trine Neptune – orb: -5:58′Sun sextile North Node – orb: -2:51′Venus trine Neptune – orb: +6:40′Sun in 7
Moon in 12Mercury in 7Venus in 7Mars in 11
Jupiter in 8Saturn in 10Uranus in 1Neptune in 12
Pluto in 10Node in 5Sun ruler of 6Moon ruler of 4
Moon ruler of 5Mercury ruler of 3Venus ruler of 2Venus ruler of 7
Mars ruler of 1Mars ruler of 8Jupiter ruler of 9Saturn ruler of 10
Saturn ruler of 11Saturn ruler of 12Uranus ruler of 12Pluto ruler of 8