Google Maps & Astrology

Since I began using Google Maps to find exact locations for events, I have found that the process is good for all charts, whenever possible. It can change the Ascendant and house placement of planets versus using a general location. For example, I was born in Chicago, Illinois. The general coordinates for Chicago are 87.39W and 41.51N. A chart with that longitude/latitude produces a chart with 10° Libra rising. However, if I use the coordinates for the hospital where I was born, my Ascendant becomes 8° Libra. Not a big difference in rising sign, I know. There are differences in planet placements, however. Neptune is in the 2nd house instead of the 1st and Venus is in the 3rd house instead of the 2nd. Neptune in the 2nd house offers a better understanding of my experience with income. Venus in the 3rd house helps explain why I write blog posts.

Finding the exact longitude and latitude of a place on Google Maps is simple. After you find the location, right click on the spot, and select “What’s here” from the drop down menu. A small window will open giving the longitude and latitude. After I get this information, I put it into the information field of Walter Pullen’s Astrolog 6.30, a freeware astrology program. I appreciate having these coordinates readily available. I feel it makes me a better Astrologer.

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