Los Angeles Rectification Chart

LA observatory
Photo credit – Justin Vidamo

An Astrological rectification chart is attempted when a date of birth is known, but the time of birth is not or when neither date nor time are known. In the case of a city or country, its ‘date of birth’ is the date of incorporation. The date of incorporation for United States cities is when a bill is signed by the Governor of a state. A few years ago, I created a rectification chart for Los Angeles, California based upon major earthquakes. Back then, I did not attempt to look at the legislative records as the time a Governor signs a bill is usually not recorded. By correlating earthquake charts with the day chart for Los Angeles, I concluded that the bill was signed at 8:17 PM. Yesterday, I was trying to find something in common among all Los Angeles’ large magnitude earthquakes and was unsuccessful. Subsequently, I started to question whether the time I derived for the incorporation of Los Angeles was totally off the mark. I decided to find the legislative record and glean as much as I could about the time the bill would have been signed. I found more than I expected.

LA fountain
Photo credit – jerical cat

Journal of the Senate of the State of California held their first session on December 15, 1849. I think the journal is very well organized. It was easy to find the information I sought. On page 1128, the journal notes that a bill to incorporate the city of Los Angles was signed by the President of the Senate. This happened in a session after 8 PM on April 4, 1850. The next day, during a session starting after 10 AM, a message is received from the Governor declaring that he had signed the bill of incorporation.

Statutes of California, gives the date of “An act to incorporate the City of Los Angeles” as passing on April 4, 1850. I believe the passage date means the Governor signed the bill on the night of April 4.

What astounds me is how I was able to hone in on the time by looking at the charts of earthquakes. I am not saying that my rectification chart (rectest chart) is definitively the birth (natal) chart for Los Angeles (it still requires tweaking to determine the exact time), I am saying that it is definitely a testament to cities as organisms with distinctive personalities.

Los Angles rectest correct
Los Angeles Rectest

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