Snow at top of Cascadian Coulior. Image credit: brookpeterson

Cascadian Event Ingress Inquiry, Part 1

Hypothetical tsunami wave intensity and direction As mentioned in an earlier post, the Cascadian subduction zone is due for the release of accumulating energy. An earthquake and tsunami affecting the upper Northwest of the American continent are expected to occur within 50 years according to two articles. The first article, published by New Yorker magazine …

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Notes on Phillippines Activity

  Mount Pinatubo Timeline per Encyclopedia Britannica March 15. 1991 - Swarm of small earthquakes on Northwest side of Pinatubo April 2 - Steam explosions opened vents June 1 - New swarm of earthquakes June 3 - Small explosion June 7 - Eruption of steam and ash June 12 - Major eruption and major explosion …

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Los Angeles

Los Angeles Earthquake Outlook – Spring 2019

I expect to see an increase in earthquakes larger than 2.5 magnitude affecting Los Angeles during the Spring of 2019 in comparison to Spring of 2018 when 8 earthquakes occurred (see prior post). I am basing this on ingress charts of earthquakes over 4.9 magnitude that have occurred more than 2 years ago and 2.5 …

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