Wuhan’s 2019/2020 Winter Ingress Chart

yohann agnelot
Photo credit: yohann agnelot

Winter ingress 2019 2020 Wuhan

Link to aspect list

Tauno Tohk
Photo credit: Tauno Tohk

Sun conjuncts Jupiter and the Midheaven in the Ingress chart, in addition to forming an easy aspect to Uranus. Altogether, these are wonderful aspects. Seeing these in a chart, I would expect an entity to receive the highest acclaim for bringing to light some monumental accomplishment. Sun rules the 6th house, meaning high honor would be associated with people’s health. However, as we know, the extreme opposite occurred. What went wrong? For something so good to have gone so badly, I would expect there to be harsh aspects in the entity’s natal chart around the Midheaven degree. Saturn and Pluto conjunct in the 10th house suggest prior important lessons taught concerning government were ignored. I have experienced/am experiencing this aspect now on a personal level. I can attest that you are given opportunities to recognize your prejudices and avoid causing yourself harm. If you fail, not only will your suffering continue, it will become increasingly difficult with each failure.

Tauno Tohk 2
Photo credit: Tauno Tohk

I do not have a natal chart for Wuhan. The method I use to get an idea of what aspects and points are significant for cities without natal charts is to examine event Ingress charts. I analyzed charts for the following events: Wuchang Uprising, October 10, 1911, time unknown; National Government start, February 21, 1927, time unknown; National Government end, August 19, 1927, time unknown; Wuhan Airlines Crash, June 22, 2000, 3 PM; and People’s Liberation Army takeover, May 16, 1949, time unknown. Link to charts.

Only the Wuhan Airlines Crash Ingress chart shows a lot of activity involving the same degrees as the 2019/2020 Ingress chart. The plane crash was an accident. In my mind, this strongly suggests the Covid-19 coronavirus was some type of accident as well. Types of occurrences have groups of aspects. I made a tally of the number of times planets were in certain houses and signs for fires and earthquakes based upon Los Angeles Ingress charts. This has helped with moving toward making accurate predictions. This analysis of Wuhan’s Ingress chart will help with examinations of charts for other entities in the future.

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