Los Angeles Earthquake Outlook – Spring 2019

I expect to see an increase in earthquakes larger than 2.5 magnitude affecting Los Angeles during the Spring of 2019 in comparison to Spring of 2018 when 8 earthquakes occurred (see prior post). I am basing this on ingress charts of earthquakes over 4.9 magnitude that have occurred more than 2 years ago and 2.5 magnitude that I have tracked since 2017.

This year’s Spring Ingress chart is similar to the 1941 Fall Ingress chart with Mars in the 10th house and Uranus conjunct a Taurus (earth) Midheaven. The 1941 chart shows Saturn and Uranus in the 10th house also with Taurus on the Midheaven. During the Fall of 1941, Los Angeles experienced 2 earthquakes measuring 4.8 magnitude.

2019 Spring Ing LA
2019 Spring Ingress
Fall Ingress 1941
1941 Fall Ingress

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