Capitol Hill, Photo credit: Johrling

Second Impeachment Charts

Acquittal 1: Moon (Pis) Con (Pis) Neptune - orb: +0:20' - power: 15.792: Moon (Pis) Sex (Tau) Mars - orb: -0:27' - power: 9.813: Mercury [Aqu] Con (Aqu) Jupiter - orb: +1:06' - power: 8.434: Mercury [Aqu] Con (Aqu) Venus - orb: +1:10' - power: 8.315: Saturn (Aqu) Squ (Tau) Uranus - orb: +0:20' - …

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Horary Chart – COVID Vaccine

Operation COVID-19 Last summer I asked if a COVID vaccine will be available in the fall of 2020. I recorded my question, but did not make a chart. I will make one now and see if anything can be learned. As we know, two vaccines were presented in December 2020. Pfizer's vaccine was issued an …

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Breach of Capitol Building Chart

This breach is within orb of the double conjunction square between Mars/Uranus and Jupiter/Saturn. The chart is for the start of President Donald Trump's incendiary speech. The Mars/Uranus conjunction becomes exact on January 18. That may or may not make a difference. If I am able to discern anything about the perfecting aspect before the …

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