Camp Fire

2018 Fall Ingress Butte County, CA

Camp Fire. Burned November 8, 2018 to November 25, 2018. Link to Wikipedia

Sun conjunct Mercury – orb: +1:40′Sun conjunct DC – orb: -1:45′Sun square MC – orb: +0:56′Sun square Saturn – orb: +2:45′
Mercury opposite AC – orb: -0:04′Saturn square AC – orb: -1:00′Saturn conjunct MC – orb: +1:49′Mercury square MC – orb: -0:44′
Moon trine Venus – orb: -1:07′Sun trine Mars – orb: +3:06′Mars sextile AC- orb: -1:21′Mercury square Saturn – orb: +1:04′
Mars squareUranus – orb: -1:22′Uranus trine MC- orb: +0:47′Mars conjunct South Node – orb: -0:15′Moon sextile Saturn – orb: +4:05′
Moon conjunct Neptune – orb: +7:48′Mercury trine Mars – orb: +1:25′Saturn trine Uranus – orb: -1:01′Venus square Mars – orb: -4:52′
Jupiter sextile Pluto – orb: -1:52′Moon sextileUranus – orb: -5:06′Moon sextile MC – orb: +5:54′Venus opposite Uranus – orb: -6:14′
Uranus square North Node – orb: +1:07′Neptune sextile Pluto – orb: -4:06′Mercury sextile North Node – orb: -1:10′Venus sextile Saturn – orb: -5:13′
Jupiter trine Neptune – orb: -5:58′Sun sextile North Node – orb: -2:51′Venus trine Neptune – orb: +6:40′Sun in 7
Moon in 12Mercury in 7Venus in 7Mars in 11
Jupiter in 8Saturn in 10Uranus in 1Neptune in 12
Pluto in 10Node in 5Sun ruler of 6Moon ruler of 4
Moon ruler of 5Mercury ruler of 3Venus ruler of 2Venus ruler of 7
Mars ruler of 1Mars ruler of 8Jupiter ruler of 9Saturn ruler of 10
Saturn ruler of 11Saturn ruler of 12Uranus ruler of 12Pluto ruler of 8

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