2022 Spring Outlook, Chicago, Part 3 (O’Hare Field)

O’Hare Field, Chicago International Airport (exact time unknown, noon)

In part 2, I noted that Ingress charts involving O’Hare airport and planes have correlations with the 2022 Spring Ingress chart via two points; Saturn conjunct Midheaven and Sun in the 11th house. I will explore those correlations in this post.

“Certified airlines and others” were allowed to operate at O’Hare Field, Chicago International Airport by Chicago City Council on October 21, 1955. I used this date for O’Hare’s natal chart. I compared the ingress charts for the 1979 airplane crash, 2016 runway incident, and 2022 Spring, searching for correlations between the ingress charts. The O’Hare aspects can be found here. Ingress charts and aspects can be found here.

Image credit: Jun Seita
Image credit: Jun Seita

My analysis of the charts indicates that O’Hare Field will be the most likely location of an event, should one occur. It seems I ruled out a flying object scenario in part one of these posts prematurely.

Ingress Moon in square with O’Hare Sun is an aspect in each of the ingress chart comparisons. Ingress Mars in opposition with O’Hare Sun is an aspect in two ingress chart comparisons (2016 and 2022); Ingress Mars in conjunction with O’Hare Sun is an aspect in the 1979 ingress chart comparison. Ingress 2022 Spring has most comparison aspects in common with the 2016 Ingress chart; however, planet house positions are similar to the 1979 Ingress chart.

What’s Likely to Happen?

I believe events that show up in ingress charts are not fate; they can be prevented if extra care is taken or path direction is changed. Moon is at an anaretic degree in the 2022 Spring Ingress chart, indicating that some person or group is close to throwing caution to the wind and moving forward on a poorly thought-out plan. Hopefully, people surrounding the person or group will take action to prevent a disastrous mistake.

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