Spring Outlook – Chicago


Spring 2020 chicago
Link to aspect list

The most significant aspect in Chicago’s Ingress chart is Moon square Venus. According to H.S. Green, author of Mundane Astrology, this foretells “accidents by road or rail …; workers connected with railways, the post-office, etc., suffer.”

Chicago has had a few serious rail incidents. I thought it would be helpful to look at Ingress charts for a few events to help determine the likelihood of a rail incident occurring this Spring. Link to charts.

Venus was in either Aquarius or Leo in the past incident ingress charts. It is in Taurus in the Spring chart, which correlates with past incident positions, forming a hard aspect to Chicago’s Moon/Mercury/Neptune conjunction opposite Mars/Jupiter conjunction. This means an incident related to communication or transportation is likely before June 21.

The same hard aspect affects Chicago’s experience of COVID-19. There is a Mars/Jupiter conjunction in the ingress chart, placing more emphasis on this aspect. H.S. Green wrote the following about the aspect:

Disputes affecting religion and the churches; excitement connected with religious meetings and movements; death of preachers, lawyers, or doctors; attacks upon or crimes against such. Hospitals and charities suffer or incur hostile criticism. Infectious diseases may increase and some epidemic occur. Public excitement over secret crimes. Extravagance; martial excitement in the country.

Perhaps the Summer Ingress chart will show alleviation from the pandemic. I will analyze that chart at a later date.

Update – July 16, 2020

No major rail incident occurred during the Spring Ingress period; however, Chicago did experience protests and looting during the weekend following the murder of George Floyd (May 25) in Minneapolis, Minnesota.

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