Horary Chart Mystery Explained

Often times, revelations are made during Mercury retrograde periods. What was hidden or misunderstood becomes apparent. I have known this for a while and during those periods, I endeavor to use the energy represented by the transit to help me understand what I could not before. Such was the case for this passing Mercury retrograde period.

On March 7 of this year, at 8:34 PM in Moline, Illinois, I asked if I would move when my lease ended. I was prompted by a letter I received from the building owner’s management team about renewing my lease for another year. The letter was sent early. I was not required to inform them of my intention to renew until May.

I wanted to move, but I had not found an affordable, relatively safe place where I did not need a car; despite looking for over a year. A “Should I Move” horary chart I analyzed was yes to moving as it had been the year before. I could not find a place before lease renewal time in 2018 and the price I paid was having a battle with a tarantula-sized spider.

Tarantula Black

1871 4 7I was sitting at my desk, which oddly faced the door, something recommended by Karen Rauch Carter in her Feng Shui book, “Move Your Stuff, Change Your Life.” Lucky thing for me that I followed the recommendation because the spider approached from the door area. It looked to be headed toward the large sliding glass window, positioned behind me. Sunlight was streaming through the window as the spider marched from the kitchen area to the living area (the render on the left shows the living area). Seeing it startled me and I jumped a little in my chair. The spider was then alerted to my presence and hid behind a folding table that was standing on its side to the left of me.

I sat in my chair for a couple of minutes, wondering if I could make it to the closet by the door to get my large shop vacuum. I decided I didn’t have time to sit in fear and ponder. I gingerly stepped towards the door. I breathed a sigh of relief when I passed the table. I quickly put the parts of the vacuum together and returned to the living area. I spotted the spider easily as it was completely black and the table was light beige. Then the struggle ensued. I tried suctioning it with the long-armed vacuum hose and it fought with lightning speed and agility, trying not to be overcome.  I began to think my vacuum did not have enough power to capture the spider when it was halfway in the suction slot, but wasn’t budging. Finally, it fit through the slot.

I called building management to inform them of my struggle and about 2 weeks later a pest professional paid a visit. He told me the spray would kill some of the spiders, but not all of them. I realized the spider had been on the roof and entered the apartment through the HVAC system that was behind a locked door. It was an experience I truly do not want to have again. Every time I thought I could give up searching for a place and renew my lease, I recalled my harrowing battle with Tarantula Black.


The horary chart confused me. I asked for assistance in a Horary group on Facebook, writing,

“I need help with a chart I find difficult to interpret. Actually, there are two charts. I asked first if I will move this year. Three days later, I asked if I should sign the renewal lease.

Move this year – My ruler in the 4th house and dignified by face leads me to believe that I will not move this year. Venus squares ruler of 7th house, indicating I will not like the place I would move to. However, following Lilly’s rules about moving, a malefic planet is in the 4th and I should move.

Renewal lease – Even though I asked on a different day and time, the chart is almost identical. The ruler of the 3rd house squares Mercury and my ruler squares Moon. These were indications to me against signing the lease, so I didn’t.

I am now 3 weeks from the day I have to move and I have yet to find a suitable place. I am wondering if I should try to renew the lease now.

One aspect I don’t understand is Saturn/Pluto conjunct IC. Both planets look to be in good shape. I feel like I’m missing the message. What do you think?”

One person responded to my thread stating that moving was not a good idea as Mars (representing the new place) was in detriment. The person subsequently wrote about Saturn being the almuten (most dignified planet/s of a sign) of the Ascendant in support of staying. This helped me make a decision and I wrote….

From ‘making a choice’ point of view and a ‘regular’ point of view, the chart points towards remaining where I am. Using Lilly’s rules for whether or not to move, the chart points to moving. The ruler of the 2nd house is weak by sign and house. Three of Lilly’s reasons for moving apply here – 1. The ruler of 2 is unfortunate, squares ruler of Ascendant, and the part of fortune is in the 12th house (sorry about not showing it in the chart, but it is at 2 Libra). The results of this setup is going out the world backwards financially. 2. Ruler of the 4th is unfortunate. Results are the place where I live is unlucky for me and is in a bad location for my trade. 3. Ruler of the 7th house squares ruler of the Ascendant. Results are that I miss making a profit with my trade; other people are better equipped.

Yes, “going out the world backwards financially” will make me move every time.

On July 1, I put my stuff in storage and moved in with a relative. My relative moved on August 4 and I stayed with her until I moved to a permanent location on the 10th. The same relative found a place for me to move and took me there July 12. She had to trick me into going to see it, as it was a place I decided years ago I didn’t like. I would not have found any place similar to it on my own as I was not being diligent, despite being homeless. The place is better than the other and its location gives me access to places that are helping me learn and improve my trade.


I keep most of my horary charts in order to learn from them. I looked at the moving chart again this past Sunday. I was trying to figure out why the moves I made were not indicated. I looked at the chart from a whole sign perspective and it still did not make sense. The chart and events only make sense to me when using Saturn as the ruler of the Ascendant, not just the almuten. I think events support a case in which a very strongly positioned planet in a horary chart, replaces the ruler of the Ascendant when it is almuten of the Ascendant. This is something I will keep in mind and look for further evidence of in past charts as well as future charts.

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