Ventura County, California Earthquake Swarm

I check periodically to see if there have been any earthquakes in the Los Angeles area over 2.5 magnitude. About an hour ago, I saw that there has been a swarm of earthquakes in Ventura county during the last couple of days. Areas of California have earthquake swarms on a regular basis. I have dismissed two swarms that have occurred earlier this year as having the potential for a later larger earthquake. I looked at charts, hoping to dismiss Ventura’s swarm as well, but instead found indications that there might be a larger one.

The Fall Ingress chart for Ventura County is below along with a natal chart for Ventura County (time is unknown, house degrees have not been verified), and an event chart for the beginning of flooding in Ventura County (time is unknown, house degrees have not been verified).

2019 Fall ingress ventura county
2019 Fall Ingress, Ventura County CA
Ventura county natal
Ventura County CA Natal (time unknown)
Ventura flooding
Ventura County CA Flooding Event (time unknown)

To get an idea of which planets hold influential positions in Ventura County’s natal chart, I compared it to the flooding chart. Sun at 11°Capricorn, Moon in an unknown degree in Aquarius, Mercury at 18°Sagittarius, all appear to be at positions affecting land events. 15° Cancer seems to be a significant degree also, as Pluto was at that position in the flood chart and that position is on the Ascendant of the Fall Ingress chart.

Comparing influential positions in Ventura’s natal chart to the Fall Ingress chart, I find that Uranus is possibly receiving an aspect from Ventura’s natal chart, but pretty much all of the other planets are in aspect to natal chart positions. Angular positions in the Ingress chart suggest that an event more significant than a 3.6 magnitude earthquake is likely.

There is a full moon on November 12 at 19° Scorpio. This position could match Moon’s position. I am not able to determine Moon’s position, as I do not have a time for Ventura County’s creation. If the degrees are the same, then there is a good chance that a higher magnitude earthquake will occur next week.

1st Ventura
First Earthquake in Ventura Swarm

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