Spotlight on Los Angeles – Part 2

US Army Corps of Engineers
Photo credit: U.S. Army Corps of Engineers
Floods & Mudslides Winter, 1968-1969

The Los Angeles area endured floods and mudslides in January and February of 1969. In total, 108 people died, many from car accidents1.

The intense storm of January 24-27 on previously saturated soils produced extreme floods with catastrophic effects. The runoff from populated areas in mountain and foothill areas in the San Gabriel Mountains and coastal areas west of Los Angeles washed out bridges, roads, and streets; rail transportation was interrupted; homes were destroyed; and severe landslides occurred. Twenty-five lives were lost during the floods, and about 10,000 persons were evacuated from their homes in these areas. Stream transportation and deposition of debris created additional problems. The January 25 flood was generally comparable to that of March 1938 which had been the most damaging flood of recent times in southern California… – U.S. Department of the Interior

1968-1969 Winter ingressAspects in the Ingress chart correlate with the Los Angeles rectest chart in connection with flooding. Saturn conjuncts and Mars opposes the rectest chart’s Uranus (unusual events). Saturn is the traditional ruler and Uranus is the modern ruler of the rectest fourth house, indicating events affecting land.

An Ingress Sun/Mercury/Jupiter/Uranus/Pluto aspect correlates with the rectest eighth house of disasters, which contains Mars. Each of the five planets form a square aspect to Mars. Mercury (transportation) squares Mars and rules the eighth house. This is representative of the involvement of cars.

Key Ingress aspect/s – Mars opposite Saturn, Sun Conjunct Mercury square Jupiter/Uranus/Pluto conjunct
Key Ingress houses – 1, 7, 8
Rectest correlation/s – Mercury, Uranus, Mars, 4th house, 5th house, 8th house

Floods & Mudslides, February 1992

In February of 1992, storms caused flooding in Los Angeles. Mudslides occurred in Malibu, Westlake Village, Agoura Hills and Ventura County.

Flooding this morning closed parts of the Golden State and Ventura Freeways for a time, and accidents snarled major highways. Rock slides from soggy ground blocked the Pacific Coast Highway near Malibu and again farther north near Point Mugu. The rains also caused large sewage spills that forced the closing of 96 miles of beaches in Los Angeles and San Diego counties.2

1991-1992 winter ingress

With Uranus and Neptune hovering around the 4th house, I would have guessed that this Ingress chart represented an earthquake instead of a flood event. It proves that Degrees are as important as house placement.

Key Ingress aspect/s – Moon conjunct MC, Moon opposite Uranus/Neptune, Mercury conjunct Mars, Uranus/Neptune conjunct IC
Key Ingress houses – 3, 4, 9
Rectest correlation/s – Sun, Mars, Saturn, 3rd house, 5th house, 8th house

1 KQED News
2New York Times

To be continued

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