Spotlight on Los Angeles – Part 1

LA Waterkeeper
Photo credit: LA Waterkeeper

This is the first installment of a series of posts focusing on Los Angeles. I will be using Ingress charts to forecast possible developments for the city, from Spring to Winter. In my experience, Ingress charts have proven to be a promising tool for predicting earthquakes and other calamities. Ingress charts in Mundane Astrology represent equinoxes and solstices; the times when Sun is at 0° Aries, 0°Cancer, 0°Libra, and 0°Capricorn.

I learned about Ingress charts by reading H. S. Green’s Mundane Astrology book. I followed the methods outlined in the book and found Ingress charts to be a good predictive tool. They are useful for defining a time period to expect certain types of events, but not exact dates. Occasionally, dates are predictable; however, I have not found a consistently reliable method for predicting specific dates. In this post and future posts, I will discuss Ingress charts in connection with past events. This will help explain the predictions I plan to make concerning Los Angeles this year.

US Army Corps of Engineers
Photo credit: U.S. Army Corps of Engineers

Los Angeles was chosen as a focus for my analysis for three reasons. First reason – I wanted to move there, but worried about living through a large earthquake. Second reason – The city is afflicted seasonally by various calamities, providing conditions for showing the value of Ingress charts. Third reason – I have a rectification chart (rectest) for the city.

My plan was to examine Ingress charts in groups, beginning with floods; looking at what the charts had in common with each other and the rectest chart. I wanted to know what were the indications in the Ingress chart that Los Angeles would be affected by a catastrophic event. After thinking it over for a bit, I was curious about whether similar events occurred in other places and if so, how were the charts of those places comparable to Los Angeles. This information will be included in my analysis of some sections, as I found it was important to incorporate other events encompassing the time period of the Ingress chart.


50 Year Flood, February 27 – March 1, 1938
Floods & Mudslides Winter, 1968-1969
Floods & Mudslides, February 1992

50 Year Flood, February 27 – March 1, 1938

1937-1938 Winter Ingress During the late winter months of 1938, Los Angeles experienced a 50 year flood. “…1,500 homes were declared uninhabitable because of the raging waters. In Riverside, the Santa Ana River jumped its man-made banks, killing 15 people. In Long Beach, a wooden bridge spanning the mouth of the Los Angeles River disintegrated, killing at least 10 others.” (Los Angeles Times)

The Ingress chart contains two oppositions and a square aspect; Moon opposite Mars, Jupiter opposite Pluto, and Sun square Saturn. Of these aspects, the Sun(energy)\Saturn(land) aspect correlates with the Los Angeles rectest chart in regards to flooding. Neptune (water) is in the rectest chart’s fourth house, signaling events affecting land.

Did a similar event occur in another location? Yes. Kopuawhara, New Zealand and the Village of Horsey in Norfolk, England. Kopuawhara is a stream near the Mahia Penisula in New Zealand. On February 19, 1938, a flash flood that swept through a work camp, killed 21 people. A partial natal chart could perhaps be pieced together based on events connected to locations along the stream, but I do not have enough information to do so. The Village of Horsey was flooded for three months, beginning February 13, 1938. A natal chart for the area faces the same challenges as one for Kopuawhara.

Key Ingress aspect/s – Sun square Saturn
Key Ingress houses – 4, 7
Rectest correlation/s – Neptune, 4th house,

to be continued

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