Los Angeles Earthquakes – Spring 2018

Earlier this year, in a post about the Summer Ingress period, I wrote that I did not expect to see earthquakes larger than 2.5 magnitude affecting Los Angeles until after the Summer Solstice. I based it on dates of earthquakes over 4.9 magnitude that occurred in the past and 2.5 magnitude earthquakes that I started tracking in 2017. Nevertheless, I promised to post charts of earthquakes that occurred before June. As of this date (May 9), there have been 5 earthquakes over 2.5 magnitude. Yesterday’s 4.9 magnitude earthquake in Cabazon California caused me to be concerned. Why? I felt that the 4.9 earthquake was too close to the last earthquake, which was 3.0 magnitude on May 5, leading up to a New Moon. My concern increased when I saw that the New Moon degree is exactly conjunct the Ascendant of the rectification chart (rectest) I made for Los Angeles.

I am fond of saying “this will be a test of” one thing or another, and this will be a test of the accuracy of the rectification chart. However, I never lose sight of how a high magnitude earthquake will affect the lives of people. The earlier one knows, the better. With this in mind, I have a suggestion. I think it is a good idea to follow Empaths on Social Media. If they also sense something, then I would take some action if I lived in Los Angeles.

2018 Spring Ingress Los Angeles
2018 Spring Ingress Los Angeles
Los Angles rectest correct
Los Angeles Rectest

New Moon May 15 2018

Mars in the Ingress chart is square the rectest Mercury. Mercury is in the rectest 5th house and rules the 8th and 11th houses. This suggests an event involving legislation, banks, and public money. Ingress Mars is in the 8th house and rules the 12th and 7th houses (something hidden or unknown and general public). Ingress Mars squares Ingress 11th house Sun, ruler of the 4th house of land. This is an earthquake aspect. Ingress Mars conjuncts Ingress Saturn in the 8th house. Saturn rules the 9th house. I think this represents a fire or another event via air.

The Sun and Moon are in the 1st house of the New Moon chart. As I mentioned before, the New Moon conjuncts the rectest AC. I take this as an indication that any event, should one occur, will affect Los Angeles directly and any other location where 24° Taurus is a significant point. Mercury and Uranus conjunct the 1st house, and Pluto conjuncts the 10th house in this chart; unusual or surprising communication; general public and well-known or high-ranking officials transformed.

To check my direction, I asked a Horary question – Will LA have a large magnitude earthquake in May?
Will LA have a large magnitude earthquake in May?

Los Angeles is a long distance from where I live, making the 9th house LA’s 1st house. Venus rules LA’s 1st house. Venus squares Neptune, which is one no answer. Sun is in LA’s 1st house. Sun opposite Jupiter is a no answer. Sun trine Pluto is a yes answer. Sun sextile Neptune is a yes answer. Which of these aspects is the strongest? Jupiter is in term at 18° Scorpio, but it is retrograde and that negates the benefits of term. Neptune is modern ruler of Pisces and it is direct, making the Sun trine Neptune aspect the strongest. In addition, Moon will conjunct Neptune in 7 days. The conjunction will be in LA’s 7th house. That seems like an odd place to represent an earthquake. Perhaps the fallout from a law that passes will seem like an earthquake. No planet is at a critical degree nor in the same degree as the node. I cannot interpret a clear yes to this question. It is still a matter of waiting to see what happens.

Update May 17, 2018

No earthquake over 2.5 magnitude occurred on May 16 affecting the Los Angeles area.

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